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ASME B31.3 Process Piping Guide

2014-9-17 · LANL Engineering Standards Manual STD-342-100 Chapter 17-Pressure Safety Section REF References Rev. 0, 09/17/2014 REF-3 ASME B31.3 Process Piping Guide 1 of 171 . ASME B31.3 Process Piping Guide

Compressed Air Systems

2020-10-12 · minute - CFM at a given pressure, psi (bar). The reference to a volume of compressed air is always based on a measurement of air in its Free State, or atmospheric pressure. This is called standard cubic feet per minute (CFM). When a compressor uses 10 CFM at 100 psi, it is using 10 CFM of free air that has been compressed to 2.46 cu. ft. at 100 ...

Marine Propellers

2005-8-30 · Where RPM is the revolutions per minute of the shaft and HP is the shaft horsepower. You can see that for the same power, a slower turning propeller generates more thrust. Typically for engines and motors, power and available torque are provided as curves on performance data sheets as a plot of BHP, Torque, and fuel consumption as a function of ...

A Beginner''s Guide To Understanding Diesel Engines

By Mike McGlothlin It''s no secret that the majority of Americans are more accustomed to gasoline engines than diesels. Statistics gathered by R.L. Polk confirm this, as just 2.8 percent of all registered passenger vehicles (cars, …

Pipe Flow Calculations

2014-7-3 · R. h. is defined as follows. Cross-Sectional Area 4 4. e h. Wetted Perimeter. D R = = ×. In this definition, the term "wetted perimeter" is used to designate the perimeter of the cross-section that is in contact with the flowing fluid. This applies to a liquid that occupies part of a conduit, as in sewer lines carrying waste-water, or a ...


2016-9-19 · 1-4. Pla nning Factors . Main pumping stations the proposed plant site. The site must not be which supply water to the distribution system wil l sub ject to flooding. Major planning factors are: be loc ated near the water treatment facility or a …

Lesson 14: Transfer Functions of Dc Motors

2015-10-28 · 10/28/2015 5 EXAMPLE 14-1 SOLUTION (2) 9 x c) Find maximum back emf Answer d) Find no-load motor speed At no-load, T=0. Load torque is zero. T=0 TRANSFER FUNCTION OF ARMATURE- CONTROLLED DC MOTOR 10 x …


2016-3-29 · In Gallons/Minute 231 231 PUMP INPUT POWER HORSEPOWER INPUT = FlO''N RATE OUTPUT (GFM) x PRESSURE (psi) = _O_P _ or GPM x psi In HOrsepD!!fr Required m 1714 1714Elf x EFFICIE/ICY1714E1f (Ov-r:raU) PUMP EFACIENCY OVERAll EFACIENCY = OUTPUTHORSEPOWERx 100 Elfa, =!!k OVERALL IN PERCENT lllPUT HORSEPO''NER HP" …

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Back to Basics Pump Sizing

usually found in process plants. Determining frictional losses through fittings Dynamic, or friction, head is equal to the sum of the straight-run headloss and the fittings headloss. The fittings headloss is calculated by what is known as the k-value method. Each type of valve, bend, and tee has Discharge Suction Impeller Eye Impeller pFigure 1.

Determining Electric Motor Load and Efficiency

2014-4-28 · R T M E N T O F E N E R G Y U N I T E D S TA ES O F A M E R I C A DETERMINING ELECTRIC MOTOR LOAD AND EFFICIENCY Most likely your operation''s motors account for a large part of your monthly electric bill. Far too often motors are mismatched—or oversized—for the load they are intended to serve, or have been re-wound …


2009-11-19 · to in cubic feet per minute (cfm) is represented by the symbolQ. The speed of flow or velocity of the air, usually referred to in feet per minute (ft/min), is represented by the symbolV. The size of the conduit through which the air flows, usually ductwork, is referred to as area expressed in square feet (ft2) and is represented by the symbolA.

52Z Meter Boom Pump

2018-4-20 · Auxiliary diesel engine Maximum theoretical values listed. 238 gal 185 gal Cummins Mll 330 hp 6-cylinder Reach based on Model Mack CH613 tractor Standard delivery line system rated at max line pressure of 1233 psi (85 bar) Right …

Amazon : 1hp motor

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fuel consumption formulas and tables

2021-1-16 · A correctly tuned diesel engine consumes fuel according to its power requirements. Simple really, the more power you produce the more fuel you use. The fuel consumption rate for many makes of Diesel Engines can be found in a range between 0.380 & 0.450 lbs/hp hour; 172 & 181 grams/hp hour; 231 & 243 grams/kW hour.

Brake Horsepower

BHP usually refers to the amount of power delivered at the engine output shaft of a piston engine. It is measured using an instrument called a dynamometer, which is a mechanical or electric braking device the UK system, the horsepower corresponds to the work required to raise a weight of 33,000 lb f, 1 ft in 1 minute.This also corresponds to the work required to raise a …

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System Design Guide

2018-2-8 · WHY DieseL eXHausT eXTRacTiOn sO iMPORT anT Diesel engines produce a mixture of toxic gases and particulates from the combustion process. These hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in a garage or storage facility represent the most significant cancer health risk and a serious legal liability to the owners and operators of these buildings.

NEXAT r evolution – the system

2  · NEXAT r evolution – the system. NEXAT revolution is the world''s first complete holistic crop-production system. The basic premise is simple yet disruptive: one for all – all for one. NEXAT combines all the work steps that previously required a wide variety of agricultural machinery into a single system.

Renault Group, car manufacturer

Renault Group is at the forefront of a mobility that is reinventing itself. Strengthened by its alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, and its unique expertise in electrification, the Group comprises 5 complementary brands – Renault, Dacia, …

Estimating Farm Fuel Requirements

2016-11-1 · (hp-hrs). A tractor-disk combination with an average 100 hp at the drawbar for five hours delivers 500 hp-hrs of energy for the disking operation. Since it is not practical for farmers to measure drawbar horsepower, energy requirements normally are based on rated maximum power takeoff horsepower (PTO-hp). Diesel tractors deliver an average of 13.0

Chapter 3c

2022-1-3 · Chapter 3: The First Law of Thermodynamics for Closed Systems c) The Air-Standard Diesel Cycle (Compression-Ignition) Engine. The Air Standard Diesel cycle is the ideal cycle for Compression-Ignition (CI) reciprocating …

General Physics II

2003-12-22 · 22.9 A power plant operates at a 32% efficiency during the summer when the sea water for cooling is at 20 o C. The plant uses 350 o C steam to drive turbines. Assuming the plant''s efficiency changes in the same proportion as the ideal efficiency, what is the plant''s efficiency in the winter when the sea water is at 10 o C?


2017-9-8 · 1 – 125 HP 1.8 % 125 – 500 HP 1.5 % 501 – 2499 HP 1.2 % 2500 and above 0.9 % Pointers for Users: It must be clear that accurate determination of efficiency is very difficult. The same motor test-ed by different methods and by same methods by different manufacturers can give a difference of 2 %.

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart. This chart approximates the fuel consumption of a diesel generator based on the size of the generator and the load at which the generator is operating. Please note that this table is intended to be used as an estimate of how much fuel a generator uses during operation and is not an exact representation ...

Centrifugal Pump Selection Guide

2021-2-25 · 4 Centrifugal Pump Selection Guide See page 4-5 table for list of eight color-coded market designations. Market Segments - Selection Chart ITT Goulds Pumps and Rheinhütte Pumpen makes the widest range of pumps in the industry — pumps to handle virtually any

Water Pumps

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Hydraulic Considerations in Pumping System Design

2018-4-4 · n •Energy dissipated due to friction and turbulence during pump operation •Major Losses (Friction Losses) • Due to friction between pumped water and inner surface of piping • H f = 3.02 L D-1.167 (V/C h)1.85 (Hazen-Williams Formula) where: • L is length of pipe (feet) • D is diameter of pipe (square feet) • V is mean velocity (fps) • C h is Hazen-Williams friction …

Exchange Rates

World currency exchange rates and currency exchange rate history. Up-to-the minute currency conversion, charts and more.

Otto Cycle

Otto cycle The Otto Cycle is named after Nikolaus Otto (1832–1891, German) who is credited as the first creator of a petroleum fuel based internal combustion engine operating under a four stroke cycle. Otto''s engine work during the eve of the industrial revolution was a critical development leading to the dawn of the automotive industry in the late 19th century.