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 · Yes it is odd and if it is a 50 mission "Crusher" USAAF, I should have known better that it is an Officers service cap and should have the Officers cut out eagle on the front. I didn''t think of it. I was to concentrated on the "enlisted service cap" due to the emblem given.

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 · The Service Cap was affectionately known in the USAAF as the ''Crusher''. The US bomber pilots wore their service caps on missions over Europe and, in order to accommodate the needs of wearing headphones, they removed the inner wire stiffener from the crown which gave their caps a crumpled and crushed appearance (also known as a ''50 mission crush ...

Pacific Wrecks

2021-12-12 · Built by Curtiss as a model H87-B3 in Buffalo, New York during 1941. This aircraft was the 606 of 699 P-40Fs powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin engine with a shorter fuselage. Delivered to the U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) as P-40F Warhawk serial number 41-14205. Disassembled and shipped aboard USS Nassau (CVE-16) across the Pacific before being ...

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 · And the new USAAF crusher is displayed in the closet with other visors and cap (see closed closet doors on far right of photo) "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

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 · I''m tempted to cut that down. I was looking for a civilian alternative to a USAAF crusher cap, one that would have the general look without an overt military uniform appearance, but it''s a bit too dark green for that, and the bill is too dark …

Original USAAF Crusher?

2021-1-4 · A crusher is a cap (officer or enlisted) which was either a regulation cap that has been intentionally modified by removing the stiffening ring during use or one that was made as a crusher by the manufacturer. Just my opinion.

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 · I have to echo the disappointment in the US Wings crusher. Just don''t do it! I won''t stick in my obligatory "US Wings screwed me on a return" pitch...

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WW2 USAAF "crusher" cap

 · WW2 USAAF "crusher" cap ... Why not become a Gold Club Member, just hit the green "Join WRF Club" tab at the top of the page and help support the forum! 07-05-2015, 10:03 PM #3. MAP? Excellent Leon. Look like a beautiful private purchase hat. Here is a little info on the maker. An old company that went out of business in the 1960''s.

WW2 USAAF "Crusher Cap"?

 · Hello there everyone, I am from Canada and mainly collect British and Commonwealth ww2 uniforms etc. but I''ve recently been interested in getting some American stuff to add to the collection, I got a nice GI helmet locally from ww2-60s era a while back, and a few badges, but I really would like to find a nice USAAF pilot''s "crusher cap".

U.S. Militaria – International Military Antiques

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Pacific Wrecks

2021-8-8 · Built by Curtiss as a model H87-B3 in Buffalo, New York during 1941. This aircraft was the 513 of 699 P-40Fs powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin engine with a shorter fuselage. Delivered to the U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) as P-40F Warhawk serial number 41-14112. Disassembled and shipped overseas to the South Pacific then reassembled.

JG Juggernauts???

 · Lt. Karl Hallberg, 389th squadron, survived the explosion of a 500-pound bomb that dropped off his aircraft on landing at Y-29, 31 December 1944. He sustained head wounds and a concussion that hospitalized him for a while. He was bestowed the title "Luckiest Pilot in the 366th." Erhardt, AngryGoat and Firefly.

USAAF summer tan version officer''s ''crusher'' WW2 visor cap

 · USAAF summer tan version officer''s ''crusher'' WW2 visor cap. Article about: I picked this one up a few days back, thought I would share a few images of my latest addition.... (I did try and find some information on Major R.A. Gaudette, but had no success in finding. 08-20-2015, 01:51 AM #1. Bob Lyons.

USAAF Officer''s Flight Uniform Buyer''s Guide

2015-12-13 · USAAF Officer''s Flight Uniform Buyer''s Guide. The Service Cap was affectionately known in the USAAF as the ''Crusher''. The US bomber pilots wore their service caps on missions over Europe and, in order to accommodate the …

Is anyone an expert on Hogan''s uniform from Hogan''s …

 · Keep searching eBay, WWII collectors forums and such. It cost about as much as any other similar 50 Mission Crusher (about $150 or so). I even spoke with Bob''s son Scott who had the original costume, but he had given it away to an …

US army garrison cap fits Longbow Miller HS

2007-9-20 · I chose to follow Bancroft for my pattern since I have both a "crusher" or "Flight Cap" version and also a "Regulation U.S. Army" Garrison Cap version. British haberdashers also made custom caps and uniforms for the USAAF but I don''t think that they would have followed a German under any circumstances rather, they followed their uniformed ...

Starship Modeler: 1/400 Minerva from Crusher Joe Review

2021-8-17 · Introduction. The Minerva is a very large space plane from a series of Japanese sci-fi novels (and an animated movie) called "Crusher Joe".The stories follow the exploits of "Crushers", a group of rugged individuals who took on the job of destroying asteroids and defining space lanes in the early days of space exploration.

Need help finding a few police-related items | RPF …

 · I''ve got a project at work quickly coming up where I need a rough approximation of a 1950s police officer/highway patrol. I found this picture during some research and liked the look. I''ve already got a decent shirt in the form of a What …


 · This section contains all types of dress and combat uniforms AND items associated with a uniform to include head gear, foot gear, under clothing and all other clothing accessories. Board Moderator: Nkomo Topic Specialist: GIl Sanow

FS: Decals (Most OOP)

2021-11-18 · FS: Decals (Most OOP) I am down-sizing the decal stash. These were acquired from a friend''s collection when he passed away. They are all long out-of-print. I can provide pictures of any sheets if you want to see their condition. All have been opened and placed into Zip-lock baggies. "New" means untouched/uncut.

1at American Squadron Cap Badge

 · The 2 looped badges pictured above (plus the one on the cap) with the disgruntled looking eagle and lacking voids between the scrolls are MM fakes. Number 809. ''C'' is the badge Gaylor showed in edition 1 of his book. My Ludlow badge is an exact match. ''2432'' is from KK Vol. 2. This badge is from a different die.

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 · I read the actual regulation somewhere years ago, I believe it dates to pre war times. If you watch the movie 12 O''Clock High, you will see Gregory Peck wearing his crusher until the plane reached 10,00 feet altitude and they had to go on oxygen. He removed his crusher and donned his leather helmet, goggles, and O2 mask.

WW2 AAC Bancroft ''Flighter'' crusher cap

 · I found a Malcolm R Hunter who is listed in a USAAF accident report 1945 and a Miles R Hunter in a USAAF accident report 1943. ... BUT That Crusher with the 8th AF captains uniform is a match made in heaven. It just brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face. ... In Cap Authentication forum 10-05-2013, 02:42 PM. Named Bancroft Flighter. In ...

Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct'' B-3 Jacket? | …

 · I''m looking for the most `period-correct'' B-3 jacket that I can possibly find. Reason: my grandfather flew a B-24 in the second World War out of Horsham St. Faith (458th Bomb Group, 755th Bomb Squadron) and was shot down over Boppard, Germany before …

Is there a good dealer for repro crusher caps

 · I have searched the forum and do not see this topic. If it has already been discussed please forgive me. Is there a good dealer for reproduction USAAF crusher caps? I have been trying to find a good one. I would rather buy from a reputable dealer than e-bay. Is there a good dealer for authentic W...

WW2 German Insignia

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Replica WW2 US Visor Caps | The Fedora Lounge

 · Quality is excellent, our caps are completely made in the USA from patterns taken from original WWII crusher caps, and we ship worldwide. Also, on the officers caps we use original WWII era cap badges and mohair braid straight from a 1942 dated roll.

United States Army Air Forces & Royal Air Force

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