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Z Stone wall cladding is available in a variety of stones with different colours and textures, including the popular Black Slate, Blue Diamond & Nordic.

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2022-1-1 · Stone cladding installations are flexible and can be installed on flat or curved surfaces. Your cladding choice can be easily adapted to meet specific sizing requirements. We offer a range of options, in assorted shapes, colours and sizes, to make choosing an option that will blend in with your current design easy.

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Natural Stone Linear Wall Cladding. Designed to accentuate linear proportions and ratios, Surface Shop''s Linear Wall Cladding collection is a mix of various types of natural stones in a range of formats and sizes ranging from mosaic to large format cladding. Surface Shop brings you: Linear Walling. Shop our Styles Below.

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2018-5-3 · Stone Cladding Installation Guide 1. Product Overview: McMonagle Stoneer is a natural stone cladding system, cut to 30mm thickness to give the exact look of "full thickness" stone. Suitable for interior and exterior projects, …

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So, to discover more, see the full range of stack stone here. If you need advice on how to lay stack stone panels, feel free to give our friendly Stone Experts a call: (03) 9706 9767. What is Ledge Stone Wall Cladding? For a more rustic, dramatic natural look, Ledge Stone Wall Cladding is a great choice.

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At K.W. Stone Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we offer a one stop destination to avail a vast collection and a diverse range of stone wall cladding.Our exquisite and exotic natural stone dry cladding allows you to make a bold statement of ultimate luxury. These stone wall cladding solutions completely revamp your building''s interior as well as exterior aesthetics while offering unrivalled insulation ...

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Stone cladding is available in a variety of different materials, colours and styles including the unstructured look of the random stone cladding, through to the engineered precision of stone tiles. Meanwhile the cast stone look gives uniformity that allows you to create large walls that look visually interesting, but are a fraction of the cost of individually placed stones.

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Our Range of Stone Cladding. Our products offer everyone the opportunity to harness this iconic look within their home, whether in the lounge, open-plan living spaces, or on exterior walls. Our slate cladding is popular in modern kitchen …

Natural Stone Cladding

2020-2-27 · KLS has a range of natural stone cladding that includes limestone, granite and quartz in a range of colours and textures to enhance a variety of design styles. KLS also stocks pre-cut corner cladding that wraps around square edges to achieve the look of a solid stone wall. Create a statement entryway using cladding in contrasting colours.

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2022-1-1 · Stone & Tile Studio import and carry a vast range of stone including Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite and Bluestone, we have every stunning option ready for inspection. Our wide range of stone includes various sizes, colours, patterns and textures. Visit our Design Centre in Zillmere to view and feel our incredible stone tiles for yourself.

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Check out our Natural Stone Cladding range here. Natural Stone, our cladding range offers a wide variety of material types and colours. Please be advised that due to high demand we are experiencing longer lead times for production and delivery at this time.

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Stone Wall Cladding – Irregular Range. NATURAL & IRREGULAR STONE. Our Irregular wall cladding range comes in individual pieces. These stones are used widely by leading architects, developers and designers. Whether you are building, remodeling or designing your very own dream DIY project, our irregular stone wall cladding has the perfect stone ...

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Our Range of Stone Cladding. Our products offer everyone the opportunity to harness this iconic look within their home, whether in the lounge, open-plan …

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2021-6-26 · These interior and exterior wall cladding panels are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Range of lightweight natural stone panels which typically measure of 600 x 150 mm and are about 10 - 15 mm thick only. Rustic stone Cladding - Z-shaped panels complete with corners or quoins.

Natural Stone Cladding

Tile Africa supplies a range of Natural Stone Cladding made for DIY projects. Crucial cladding designed for easy use. Browse the Natural Stone Cladding range online.

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Stone Wall Cladding is a high-performance technique that also serves as a protective skin for the building and its interiors. It is a decorative covering made of real or simulated stone that can layer walls made of concrete, steel, or cement.

Solid Range

2022-1-1 · SOLID RANGE THE SOLID RANGE IS 9MM THICK AND COVERS 3SQM PER PACK THE SMALL SOLID RANGE IS 650 X375 X 5mm AND COVERS 1.95SQM PER PACK ... Solid Grey Stone. £160 pack of 8. Solid Stone. £160 pack of 8. Solid Vintage. £160 pack of 8. Solid Snow. £160 pack of 8 ... ONE STOP BATHROOM AND CLADDING SHOP LTD Unit 8, …

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Natural stone cladding is one of the most popular, elegant and effective ways to add a beautiful finish to any project. For more information on our range or to enquire with us send an email to [email protected]

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Traditional stone masonry (not something we do here at AlterEgo by the way), is loaded onto the building''s foundations and uses stones and mortar, tied back with wall-ties – think brickwork. Modern day stone cladding on the other hand is hung from the building structure, and is put together much the same way as a metal rainscreen system is.

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2022-1-3 · a range of benefits. Assists with insulation against noise and helps to maintain consistent temperatures which can result in energy savings. If installed correctly, our cladding is hard-wearing and low maintenance and can remove the need for repainting walls. A cost-effective solution that doesn''t compromise on quality.

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Stone Hub''s DryStone – the stone is hand split on the surface and sides, but sawn on the bottom surface to allow easy application with a suitable adhesive to the substrate. Our LedgeStone is a quality stone product that offers the aesthetic look of individual pieces as per our select range of DryStone cladding, but as interlocking z-tile ...

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This range can be used in any application where sandstone is used but where a different colour or texture is desired. We also stock pre-cut corner stone wall cladding that wraps around square edges to create the look of a solid stone wall.

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Our Stone Veneer lineup blends the classic beauty of traditional natural stone with the latest product and installation technology, making available a range of easy-to-install formats of stone veneer wall cladding – from Stacked Stone Panels to Large Format Linear Wall Cladding to Dry Stack Stone and everything in between, we have traveled the world to find the very best for …

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2  · Natural Stone Cladding (29) Drypack Cladding (12) Interlocking Cladding (6) Lesotho Sandstone Cladding (6) Panels Cladding (6) Quartzite Cladding (12) Riven Cladding (11) Slate Cladding (5) Natural Stone Tiles (15) Sandstone Tiles (2) Slate Roofing Tiles (1) Slate Tiles (6) Travertine Tiles (7) Rudi''s Choice (22) Granite Collection (22) Marble ...

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Basalt stone is an extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of basalt magma and lava at or near the earth''s surface. The unweathered basalt stone that our stone cladding tile products are manufactured from exhibit pristine grey to …

Natural Stone Cladding

2021-10-22 · The uniqueness in our natural cladding stone products are the 90 degrees L shaped wall corners that provide a seamless continuity to the wall, thereby avoiding the shabby edges. Shape/Profile: Our wall stones are produced in varied shapes and sizes. Ledgestone and Ledger Stone Panels are linear/rectangle looking stones.

Textured stone cladding

2. Exterior cladding - Our Bianco Ondulata and Bianco Forte offer a good range of fine texture designs for exterior white limestone cladding. Recently specified for a hotel in Qatar. 3. Explore the possibilities for restaurants and reception areas with the calm neutral tones and organic texture of textured stone cladding. 4.

Ridgestone Range

2  · Ridgestone Range. This modern modular cladding range with its unique combination of weathered surface texture and precise cut stone edges is ideally suited for more contemporary homes and spaces. The panel layout of this range allows for speedy installation in both interior and exterior applications. Enquire.

Cladding Stones Definition

2015-3-10 · Cladding Stones Definition "A facing of thin stone - limestone, sandstone, slate, marble or granite – additional to the required statutory construction, but not so bonded to that construction as to exert common action under load". 1). Division. Natural stone has been used by man for construction purposes for several thousand years. The

Cladding Stones Definition

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